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How much down time can your business afford?


Computers, Networks and IT Systems are the core and essential tools for your business. When your technology investments simply work every aspect of your business purrs along: Productivity remains high, employees are engaged, customers and clients are super happy, and your financial success increases by the minute. You need and deserve the best IT services available to keep your company functioning at its maximum efficiency at all times.

Introducing TechLine Business IT Support Services

Operating a business of any size requires constant and reliable IT planning, maintenance and support.  TechLine’s business IT services include remote support, employee training, and customized preventative maintenance plans to help small and mid size business owners like you meet increasing IT demands and prepare for future technology standards, without holding up your business operations.

TechLine works with clients across many industries to implement networking and integration solutions designed to improve operational efficiency, generate new revenue streams, reduce development efforts, and enhance flexibility for future growth. Whether you’ve outgrown your current environment, or you are building a new one, our technicians have the experience and expertise to help you plan and implement the best solutions.


Free Assessment of your IT Infrastructure

The number of business technology options that are available for small businesses has grown tremendously over the past few years. TechLine staff perform comprehensive and informative assessments to help you determine which alternatives make sense for you in order to lower expenses, improve computer systems and business processes in addition to protecting sensitive data.


Business Network Services

TechLine’s Networking and Integration services can help optimize your information infrastructure through industry best practices and proven delivery methodologies. We can help assess your needs, design an optimal solution, integrate it into your environment—and safely migrate your information to your new environment. You’ll realize rapid results from customer-tested techniques. And get the most business value from your information systems infrastructure.


  • Server and Workstation Installation

  • Network Upgrades

  • Network Maintenance

  • Network Expansion

  • NAS Devices

  • Hubs

  • Patch panels

  • WPA2 Personal or WPA2 enterprise

  • Print and Printserver services

  • Surveillance hardware and support


IT Security

  • ​Automated company data backup and security

  • Firewalls and Intrusion Detection

  • VPN / IP-VPN and VoIP Services

  • Threat access monitoring

  • Network and Endpoint Security

  • Staff Training



Benefits of Our Unique Premium IT Support Offering

  • Maximum Uptime and Peak Performance

  • Rock Solid IT Security and Protection

  • Lower IT Expenses and Predictable IT Budgets

  • Strong Business Relationships with Customers, Vendors, and Peers

  • Individualized Technology Plan and CIO Services


We Focus on Keeping Your Business Functioning at Peak Performance

  • One of the major challenges faced with the maintenance of a computer network is trying to predict when and how it will fail. With the expertise of our certified team of professionals, and through our proactive managed services, we’ve prevented many network failures before they occurred.

  • With regular maintenance and real-time 24/7 monitoring we continue to ensure the reliability, stability, and performance of our clients’ IT assets.


We Ensure IT Networks Are Secure and Protected from Potential Threats

  • Our clients benefit from the best-in-class antivirus solutions, commercial-grade firewalls, industry-leading anti-spam solutions, security updates, and best practices. 

  • We diligently protect our clients’ IT systems from vulnerabilities and exploits, keeping their networks secure from potential computer attacks and hackers.


We Lower IT Expenses

  • With our flat monthly pricing, TechLine clients are better able to control and manage their overall operating costs by keeping IT systems running and performing at maximum efficiency.

  • TechLine clients experience increased productivity, profitability and lower IT costs.

We Help to Build Strong Business Relationships

  • TechLine clients also benefit from our customized business solutions that build strong business relationships.

  • We work diligently to do the necessary research and to understand exactly what each and every one of our clients need to maximize their credibility with their customers, vendors and peers.


We Establish an Individualized Technology Plan for All Our Clients

  • All of our clients are different, with different needs and requirements. Rather than provide a “one-size-fits-all” solution, we sit down and help each of them develop an individualized technology plan for the future.

  • TechLine’s Business IT Support Services incorporates state-of-the-art technology and maintenance into our clients’ current IT Systems to help them sustain and grow their business based on their individual needs.


TechLine Is Among the Top CT, MA and RI Business IT Support Organizations

Our clients have benefited from our business acumen and technical expertise. They tell us that they experienced immediate positive results when they selected TechLine as their IT provider, with fewer failures, greater employee productivity, huge savings on IT support costs and increased profitability. Something every business executive or owner wants for his or her company!

TechLine would like to provide these benefits to you and your company as well.  Please call us today at (203) 924-8600 or Toll Free at (888) 203-6804 to book your no-obligation IT assessment or email us at

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