Did you recently purchase a brand new device for your home or office?


Install TL Cloud Connect to automatically keep your apps / software updated, stay protected with the latest antivirus, ad-blocking and firewall solutions, and keep productive with top rated apps and utilities. All this is automatically setup and configured in the background without having to leave your device or stop what you are doing!

Always Up To Date Software and Security Patches

It is important to always be using the most up to date software.  When using out of date software, it is easier to run into malware and other problems.  TL Cloud Connect will always ensure that you are running the latest software.  If something is out of date, it will be updated. 

Virus Protection and Ad Blocking

It's very easy to click something harmful when browsing the internet.  TL Cloud will block potentially harmful programs and block ads. When ads and pop-ups are blocked, the likelyhood of encountering malware is reduced, however it is important to be cautious and always read items before accepting them. 

Automatic Software Remediation and Repair

Over time some files on your computer may become corrupt.  TL Cloud Connect  will provide automatic tools that will repair missing or corrupt files.  This will help your computer run smoother and faster. 

Proactive Hardware Monitoring and Maintenance

It is important to be proactive when it comes to the critical hardware of your computer.  Hardware failure can lead to lost data, so TL Cloud Connect will monitor and test your hardware.  If there is a sign of failure we will contact you so it can be resolved. 

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