Your computer can take care of itself, it just needs to be shown how.

Introducing TL Cloud Control - 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance that continuously verifies 

the overall health and security status of your laptop, desktop, or tablet.


Get the power of an entire IT department inside one automated, hands-free application and free yourself from the frustration and expenses caused by viruses, identity theft, data loss, error messages and update pop ups!


TL Cloud Control will configure your computer to protect itself from online threats, hardware failure, and even user error.

Powerful system auditing provides daily e-mail reporting of your device status and advanced automation

routines maintain the integrity and performance of your operating system and third-party applications.

Always Up To Date Software and Security Patches

All Windows and critical third-party applications will be updated as soon as updates are released. TL Cloud Connect monitors for new versions of your existing software and will prompt you once per day to install any available updates.

You can also set TL Cloud Connect to automatically update without notifying or bothering you.

Your update status can be checked from the main program window at any time for verification.

Automatic Software Remediation and Repair

Over time some files on your computer may become corrupt.  TL Cloud Connect  will provide automatic tools that will repair missing or corrupt files.  This will help your computer run smoother and faster. 

Virus Protection and Ad Blocking

It's very easy to click something harmful when browsing the internet.  TL Cloud will block potentially harmful programs and block ads. When ads and pop-ups are blocked, the likelyhood of encountering malware is reduced, however it is important to be cautious and always read items before accepting them. 

Proactive Hardware Monitoring and Maintenance

It is important to be proactive when it comes to the critical hardware of your computer.  Hardware failure can lead to lost data, so TL Cloud Connect will monitor and test your hardware.  If there is a sign of failure we will contact you so it can be resolved. 

Take Control Now

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