Comprehensive Technician-Monitored Automated Malware Removal and Windows Repair Application

ideal for when your device is experiencing slowness, error messages,

or other unwanted side effects commonly caused by malware or virus infections.


Over 10 industry-leading malware scans will be automatically run on your machine and

all found threats will be either quarantined or deleted.


All Windows and critical 3rd party applications will be updated and

a system restore point will be created so you can roll back in the event of a future incident.


No anti-virus product on the market can match the power of TL Cloud Correct to

fully disinfect a machine and keep it running better than ever.


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# of PCs concurrently

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Data Backup
Malware Removal

Before beginning any repairs, TL Cloud Correct will analyze the current state of your system and backup essential system and user files.

In the event that something should go wrong during repair, TL Cloud Correct will automatically restore your device to the state it was in before beginning the repairs, and then make a second attempt at resolving all issues. Your personal data will not be affected!

Once repairs have been completed and verified, a system restore point will be created in the event that you need to roll back your system to the point immediately following the completion of TL Cloud Correct.

Windows Repair

The heart of TL Cloud Correct is Auto-Mode Malware Removal


Over 10 industry leading malware scanners are automated to run and scan your system to detect and remove threats. We've never seen one program or tool that is 100% effective so we've developed a platform and service to combine all their individual strengths together. The result is the most comprehensive infection cleanup and repair tool available.

The entire scan process is monitored by one of our live technicians.

All Updates

Over 150+ Windows Repairs will be run to detect any missing or corrupt Windows files on your device.

Your system files will be checked to ensure they have not been compromised by any online threats or hackers attempting to gain control over your machine or steal your sensitive personal data.

A system restore point will be created in the event that you need to roll back your system to the point immediately following TL Cloud Correct repairs.

All Windows and critical third-party applications will be updated as soon as updates are released.

TL Cloud Connect monitors for new versions of your existing software and will prompt you once per day to install any available updates.

You can also set TL Cloud Connect to automatically update without notifying or bothering you.

Your update status can be checked from the main program window at any time for verification.