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Setup Instructions


Congratulations!!  You're almost done, there are just a few simple steps left to get you on your way.


Step 1: Disable any currently running anti-virus solution. Simply select the vendor corresponding to the anti-virus product that is installed on your PC to see detailed instructions on how to properly disable software.














*If you have an anti-virus solution other than what is listed above, please contact your anti-virus provider for instructions on how to disable it temporarily.



Step 2: Open the email with the subject “Your TL Cloud download from Techline Computer Solutions” from Techline Computer Solutions via the email address noreply@digitalproductdelivery.comClick View Purchase Online.

















Step 3: Click Download

















Step 4: Click  AgentSetup_TLCloud.exe.  If you don't see it here, check your downloads folder for the file called                           AgentSetup_TLCloud.exe. If for some reason you have trouble downloading the file you can try Resetting Internet Options .


















Step 5. Please hit "Yes", "Ok", "Run" or "Allow" to anything that pops up containing the words CentraStage



















Step 6.  When prompted, enter your First and Last Name into the input box. This is required to track your computer repair progress. That is all you have to do to begin TL Cloud Correct.
















Step 7: Below is what your PC will look like while we are working on it.  Repairs will typically take anywhere from 2-8 hours to complete but it can take longer.  It's best to not to try and use your PC while we are running all of the repairs. 



















Step 8: When the repairs are finished, a new window will pop up that looks like this:


















Here's some info on how to avoid future Malware Infections:






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